Hoffenchard takes a hike

With much convincing necessary, I finally got this motley crew to trek into Shining Rock Wilderness for a sunset hike on Saturday night. Jim was ready for an epic backpacking trip with gear, food, and lighting, while Kenny was ready for a night on the couch wearing just a t-shirt and jeans. Everyone was comfortable and excited when we hiked up at 5:30pm at 63 degrees, but a little less comfortable and excited (after being held hostage for the last hour) when they were let down at 8:30pm at 40 degrees in the pitch dark. Jim's lone headlamp led the way for the 6 of us and we made it down without incident.

Get this sun outta my face!

composing my masterpiece

in the zone

Eric after too much candy

Kenny & Josh do a jig to keep warm


The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

god damn, thats some serious action! hoffenchard 4ever

dwight yoakam said...

that might be the best shot of spanky EVER.

Adam said...

Agreed. I nearly soiled myself when that image appeared on my screen.