Race Report

NCCX #5 Dobson, NC.

The race this past Sunday went pretty much the same as all the previous.. Will the G spent the race battling it our with our new buddy Shawn from Sledgehammer Charlies, I spent the majority of the race in no mans land and we both did something stupid in the last lap. We both agreed that Will's bell lap move on Shawn (who had to stop momentarily in lap 1 due to a wheel problem and was wrecked by a lapped rider in lap 4) was rather a dick move. I decided not to pass the man in front of me on the final straight before the finishing barriers, which i definitely had the legs for...idiot! The only other hiccup was when Will decided he wanted to bust through the tape on one of the down hill sections and take his own way down. But all in all the race went well.. Will finshed with a 5th place spot and yours truely closely behind with 9th.

thanks to K. Fischer for tagging along and snapping some photos... first cross race cherry popped! shell be back i bet! (with booze in hand next time im sure)

So lessons learned: 1) call ups kick ass! I was told that the lead group had built quite the gaps within the first few corners and added bonus...no huge pile ups! 2) stay on the course! 3) loosen up your back prior to the start (sitting up on straights is like putting an ATTACK ME sign up) 4)RACE SMARTER!

Were taking this weekend off (driving 3 hours each weekend takes it toll on the body and the
wallet) So all those racing in Southern Pines, NC this weekend, enjoy not having the Hoffen boys in the field. We may be racing locally though @ Harbison State Forest .... (still pondering it)

in an unrace related note: we spotted a guy rocking some pink housing from chainstay to rear derailleur.... somebody creepin' the Hoffen style??
Viva cross!! McNasty out.


Spankye said...

good job boys.

KB said...

I love you guys right now! Good job representin for the Hoff. We are looking forward to your shenanigans in the mountains in a couple weeks. All this training is going to pay off come January's monumental Hoffencross!

dwight yoakam said...

good job kids. and the photos look good.