Lady Hoff down!

Jessica went on her first mountain bike ride today, and we almost pulled it off without a hitch! After riding the gravel trails around the Biltmore House for about 6 miles, we decided to venture into the woods. As can be expected, I was a little nervous. This would be Jessica's first time on proper single track trail and she was on my bike (and to add to the awkwardness I was on Eric's new singlespeed 29er, 10 sizes too big for me). We turned off the path and up the trail and all went well, for at least 4 seconds. I'm pretty sure Jessica's exact words were, "Oh, Kelly. I'm going over!" I turned just in time to see little Jess tumbling down the side of a grass hill with her D300 in tow. At first I was scared for her camera, then for her. She landed quite elegantly and burst into laughter. Phewww! The only thing harmed was Eric's 1970s Bruggeman jersey (raced by none other than the legendary Mac Cannon in Belgium), which was covered in dirt/grass stains. Nothing a little Oxy Clean can't help! We hit the trail and she nailed everything like an old pro - 5 whoopty doos, 3 mini switchbacks, 2 steep climbs, and countless roots. This might not sound impressive to you, but this is a girl who hasn't ridden in 1.5 years and has NEVER ridden on a mountain bike trail - mad props to J-ca!!! Lady Hoff may have a chance in the mtn bike endurance season next year afterall!

Scene of the accident:

Lady Hoff:


dwight yoakam said...

long live the bruggeman jersey! glad you kids are having fun!

go vote.

Spankye said...
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