Hoffen gets its first W!!!

Will the G got Hoffenchard's first win at the 2008 Harbison Race to the River. Not only did Will win his age group, he beat everyone in the sport class...Will opened up his can of whoop ass in lap 1 and increased his gap over the field every lap there after. He ended up with over a 4 minute gap from the 2nd place finisher. Did i mention he was riding a 26" rigid single speed (crazy bastard!). We're all stoked about Will's win and maybe now he'll stop giving me shit about beating me in every cross race we do..(doubtful) Congrats buddy! oh lets not forget about the once TeenWolf, now known as the TameWolf Tony Zanca. Not known for his mountain biking skills, Tony pulled off an also impressive 3rd place finish. Boyah!


KB said...

Awesome, Will! You guys are tearing it up, hoffen style. WNC is ready for some of that action.

Spankye said...

actually i'm not ready for that action. i enjoy my status as the DFL member/waffle maker of Hoffenchard.

dwight yoakam said...

i'm not sure the W column will ever catch up the the DNF or DFL column, but hey, its a start.

congrats boys! represent on them cross bikes too!