Xilinx CX

Boulder Racing Cross race @ Xilinx went off pretty much exactly how last weeks race went. I had a good start, this time trying to hold back a bit so I wouldn't blow up like I did the week previous.
Unfortunately my plan did not go to... well plan. I once again kept moving back, finding my legs just couldn't answer my commands. My back was completely wasted by lap two, which after thinking about it means I should probably not be riding a -10 Thomson Elite stem. Yea I know, duh! I'm switching it up this week.

On a more lighter note:
Team Pegasus spotting in the women's 4s. What?!

Also many of you may have read Kenny's stories from Charm City. He told of drug laced Twizzlers hand ups.
Well here on the Front Range, we do Bacon! Bacon, Whiskey, Beer and Cross, That's what Boulder does!!
To quote the man in charge of said hand ups,
"Gluten free, dairy free, meat free bacon!"
For those of you that know what Boulderites are like, you understand the humor here.

So now I'm debating taking this weekend off, reassessing what the F may be going on with my cross legs. Stay tuned.