2nd Annual Hoffencross. Don't be there !!!

Sorry kids, but Hoffencross is postponed until further notice. I was already considering calling it off due to the current trail conditions but now that we have at least 8" of new snow on the ground up here there is no way to pull this off without shredding the trails. It sucks cause now i am going to have to celebrate my birthday by myself with all this top shelf Tequila...but i'll manage.

Unfortunately unless our weather changes up here it may be March or April before this happens so check back often for updates. If you just can't handle not getting your Hoffencross fix, click here to reminisce on last year. Or better yet check this or this and get ready for the 2nd annual Gentleman's Race in June.


dicky said...

My life is over.

dwight yoakam said...

definitely one of the two guys making out in the back.

Billy Fehr said...


The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Team Rapha ain't gonna like this

wv: ressbu