Palmetto Trail Madness

This past Saturday a few brave souls decided do a little mixed road/trail ride on the Palmetto Trail. We started out on our usual Ft. Jackson loop then broke off in what we thought was the correct trail head. Turns out, not so much... After about 30 minutes or so a doing circles on a military fort with live ammunition readily being used, we decided to head back to the road and search out another way in.
Just a few miles down the road, jackpot! The trail was littered with sand pits camouflaged by leaves, mud and giant flooded trenches. Don't think for one second that any of those were bad things. This ride was super FUN! My DeFeet blaze wools were soaked completely through and my I couldn't feel my last three toes but I did not care. I think we did 25ish miles?
I definitely have plans to do this ride again when I have a free weekend which I think won't be until March. Shucks!

yes Kenny rode shoe covers. That's how pro Kenny is... for those who didn't already know

sorry couldn't figure out how to rotate

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MM said...

Hey guys, let me know when you plan to go again and I'll show you the trail all the way out the Weston Lake.