Snow Hike!

Similar to a Bear Fight but without the bloodshed and bruising. Myself, Chad Storck, and Jim Morrison hiked Cold Mtn (elev. 6030 ft) this past Saturday since snow was forecast for the higher peaks. We debated riding but decided a snow hike was in order. Anyway, hiking is harder than biking. Enjoy.

Tough as nails (liquid nails).

Jimberly debating the uber technical creek crossing.

A Winter Wonderland.

Fudge time!

Thru Hiker extroidanaire Chad Storck (top of page also) in front at Deep Gap below the summit. Basically Jim and I brought enough to bivouac for a month. Chad wore his fancy fanny pack and hiked in "tenny pumps".

Snowy rocks of doom...just ask Jim.

Summit approach.

Chad Storck ponders how much more enjoyable this would have been if Jim and I were actually good hikers.

Jim ponders how he can be so good at mtn biking and so unable to stay upright hiking.

Dramatic black and white photo.

Dangerous rock outcrop at the top.

Me watching Chad Storck on the dangerous rock outcrop.

Chad Storck, minimalist, regretting his decision to not bring anything warm. Later he was seen cupping his nutsack sitting behind a rock in an effort to warm his hands. Not pictured is the delicious Highland Cold Mountain seasonal and pizza we packed up to partake in at the top.


dwight yoakam said...

sweet hikin' photos. if you want some snow, come on out. we just got two feet and another storm system starts tomorrow . . .

KB said...

no thanks, but we'll be there in june!