Good Ole VA

One of the things I enjoy most about going home for the holidays (besides quality time with my parents) is being able to ride something different, seeing how my old stomping ground has changed (if any) and giving the legs a nice little jolt from the usual work commute or Fort Jackson big loop. This year mother nature decided to dump 18 inches of snow on my home town just days before my arrival. Now I had gone over and lubed up the road bike but decided to take the cross bike last minute. It was definitely the way to go as roads were still completely covered in areas and muddy half melted messes in others. Here's my day in photo...
dope water bottle I know, email me and I can tell you where to get this limited edition bling.
well deserved!

I have to admit that this ride reminded my why I love riding my bike so much.


The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

is that pie or cobbler?

wv: ectersh

dwight yoakam said...

word. nice work kyle . . . i feel a bit lazy.