Grey Egg! Jucifer!

As some of you may or may not know, Joshie and I have been balls deep in the 2010 Hawley catalog. Well, Friday was our last day of work on it so that meant it was time to blow off a lil' steam. Hunter Gatherer for the Grey Egg show? But of course. Fellow Hawleyians Michael and Marcie were also there getting their pint on. Jason Beasley, former Outspokin now Portland wrench shook my hand and chattered aimlessly. I gave him the vacant stare and waited. Grey Egg was weird as usual. Why do people like this band? Meh. After five pints of pale ale and a Wild Turkey 101 shooter with Marcie, I decided to call it a night. The next morning came quickly. I woke up and rode over to the PCC. Helped with a bike move that was well organized and full of all sorts of snapperheads. Goddamn, I was hungover. After dropping off my shit and then nearly losing it, I went home and grabbed the four pronged thunderbox for a Poulenc gig in Florence. My hangover kicked into overdrive. Longest 3 hours of my life. After coming back into town, Joshie bailed on throwing down so I met some friends at The Whig for pints. A quick check of the watch and it was already midnight! Shit. I missed Acid Roach and ...For Science's set at Art Bar. I ran down the sidewalk to catch Jucifer. I got there in time to chat with Chris Maret (!), Mentos, J-Town and settled in. Holy Christ. It was loud. Scary loud. Bowel-loosening loud. I thought I was going to pass out, even with ear plugs in. There was very little treble. It was mostly bass frequencies that blew your hair back every time the kick drum hit. The smoke machines and lasers didn't help matters. After a little over an hour, the show ended and the rescue workers began clearing the rubble. Somehow got home and passed out from the rock. This weekend? A smashing success!


KB said...

interesting weekend, klatte! eric wished he could be there with you, living up the single life. who's got their story mixed up, i heard you bailed on joshie?

Mister Fahrenheit said...

I fucking love Francis Poulenc. Les Six 4EVA