Suprise!!!! crit racing this weekend

so i thought about taking the weekend off the bike, giving my legs, back, and behind a much needed rest... when teenwolf informs me there is a crit race this weekend in our own backyard. Thats right, a bike race in Columbia! man do i hope they close some streets because if were racing through the bike UNfriendly street of Cola were all dead meat. So a race just mere blocks from the casa... of course we must partake. yours truly, the one and only wolf, and Will the G plan on total domination. well actually its more like survival since 1) Will's racing his cross bike, 2) tony just returned from vacation and hasnt riden since last wednesday and 3) ill be racing a non familiar demo storck with Ultegra (lame). So keep your fingers crossed for you fellow hoffs...

in other news, new kits designs are already being tossed around.... and are securely on lock down!

paece out, McNasty

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