Calling all troops - gang member in need of help

Hoffenchard Gang,

All of you know I am extremely passionate about both the environment and bicycling. I am participating in the 2008 Brita Climate Ride by riding my bike 320 miles from NY to DC five days in September. Veggie powered support vehicles will transport our camping supplies, and each evening guest speakers will speak on topics such as conservation, renewable energy, and environmental lobbying. Climate Ride will also help me set up an appointment to meet with one of my Senators or House Representatives after we've arrived in Washington following the ride.

This is an amazing opportunity for me to participate in a climate conference on wheels while raising money and awareness for meaningful climate change and renewable energy legislation. Climate change legislations and access to renewable energy is urgent and very important to me personally.

I must raise $2,250 by next weekend in order to participate and I need your help - I've raised just over a grand. All tax deductible contributions will be donated to Clean Air – Cool Planet, a science-based, non-partisan, 501(c)3 non-profit, whose efforts and partnerships are geared towards policy solutions and economic opportunities having positive environmental benefits.

Any amount will help me get closer to my goal.

follow this link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Clean Air - Cool Planet or go to and search for patricia carson

Thanks so much guys!!!!

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