hip-hop & cross racing - what could be better?

If any of you are doing the cross race in Hendersonville Nov 22-23 you should come stay with us and go see Method Man & Redman at the Orange Peel with Eric on Saturday night!


McNasty said...

im pretty sure that at least yours truely, and possibly wolf, and Will the G will be doing Hendersonville. and if the offer is out there, we will be more than happy to take it. racing is proving to be more and more expensive, so free lodging is always a welcome commodety. thanks, KB

azanca02 said...

I'm in! I'm pretty sure Will the G is in too. We will be straped with the Power Stache and are forcing McNo Hair to put Rogaine on his face so he can participate in the Three Pronged Stache Attack.

dwight yoakam said...

nasty . . . don't feel bad. i can't grow a decent beard or stache to save my life.

you're not alone!