roll call

hey douche bags . . . whats the word on the fall domination schedule?  from where i sit (and i can see a lot from 7000ft) things look like this:

end of sept. - clear up that interbike hangover and get on it
oct 4 - Treeshaker 12hr in charlotte.  word on the street is that the old school posse is heading out there . . . wish i would have booked my flights for this event.  damnit.
oct 11 - two team members marry each other.  legally, even.  strange.  should get in plenty of training this week/weekend.  mandatory team attendance.
oct 18-19 - Double Dare in pisgah.  double 12's, rad.
oct 24-26 - National MTB Octoberfest in charlotte.  8 hr race, mtb TT, and some weird crit/cross/xc thingy call 'The Beast'.  sure be disappointing.  but the 8 hr should be fun, and Tinker is gonna be there.
nov 9 - Swank 65 in the mtns.

and i'm sure there is some road racing in there somewhere too, but thats boring.  actually there is a road race around Lake Tahoe at the end of Sept . . . you kids at interbikes should come on up and race with me.  72 miles of wanting to hurl and being amazed by the view.

you could literally ride your nuts off, or ovaries - whatever the case may be.

whats the word?  let a brotha in on the scoop.


KB said...

i can confirm two of those happenings for you. On October 4th Spanky will be riding Treeshaker as part of a 3 man team with Herb and some other dude from A-ville. On October 11th I will be marrying your best friend. I'm not sure if either of those count as "domination" but probably the wedding more than the race. Why haven't the other losers responded?

dwight yoakam said...

i should have booked my flights for that friday . . . hitting up a 12hr with the old posse would be sweet. big daddy J and gene are going to be out there too.


The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Yeah man, huge posse, rocking kits and doling out the salmon and baby blue pain train... Don't forget "Most Horrible Thing Ever" in Feb. I heard you're moving back East