Colorado Cross Week

Halloween weekend marked the biggest cross race weekend here in my new home of Boulder, CO. The Colorado Cup NACT (thats North American Cyclocross Trophy series for you noncrossers out there) #5 was Saturday out at the Boulder Reservoir and the Boulder Cup NACT #6 was Sunday out at Interlocken Mall in Broomfield. I'll be the first to admit I was in full nerd mode. As some of you know I've been waiting a looonnnngggg time to see a pro level cross race and man did these two deliver. Let me tell you the story via pictures.

The Boulder Res and it's infamous sand pits.
My buddy Justin England, who many years and lbs. ago raced pro for Toyota United, Cal Giant, among others. He had the in and let me tag along and meet all the elites. Thanks buddy!
Compton leading Gould
TJ through the sand
Your winner Jeremy Powers
and new NACT series leader
The Boulder Cup (racin at the mall)
Elite Woman's winner Georgia Gould.yea cross is kind of a big deal here
J-Pow out front... Again
Wells leads TJ through some sketch off camber. Pretty much the entire course was off camber technical actually and the laid down grass made it super slick
Elite men's podium: Wells, TJ, Jamey Driscoll
New NACT series leader
It just wouldn't be cross with out a bag-o-beer
and Halloween costumes
please note the Yeti
NACT champion's belt. True WWF style. Thing must have weighed about 15lbs. too

Picasa Web Album: Colorado Cup

Picasa Web Album: Boulder Cup
be sure to watch the videos of Adam Craig riding EVERYTHING. Seriously I don't think I saw him dismount all weekend.

Cross RULES!!!

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