NCCX #3, Boone Cross, aka DNF Train

(circular thingie)

Spoiler for those who dont have time to keep reading...i flatted on lap 2.5 while in 10th place, DNF'ed, and drove my ass home.

Kel and I decided to get out and mosey over to the defunct Hawksnest ski resort to enjoy some leisurely riding along old cart paths and greens formerly known as Hawksnest golf course. Despite our best efforts at arriving early we still didn't get there in time for me to pre-ride the course. We watched some pro's get their pro on, then i straddled a trainer for a little bit, got bored, put my number on, lubed my taint up, and headed to the start of the 4's race. Don't even think about being late for the start of a 4's race around here. If you aren't toeing the line the second the they let you, you're fucked. I rolled straight to the front, put my shit in the big ring, and upon hearing the start whistle, pushed off and couldn't find my pedal to clip in. Sheesh.

(coming out of the litter box)

Anyway, all was not lost so I threw some 'bows in the narrow starting straights, and hit this big circular thingie in 9th place. Jesus, thank dog i was near the front because the shit hit the fan behind me. Kel has awesome looked like I-95 on a holiday weekend. Mother f'ers blowing through tape, crashing, walking. It was insane. Anyway, made it through the tallest barriers ever, up a super aggro off camber section, through some serious whoops, then through a section called the litter box (aka sand trap), up a steep ass hill, up another hill, through an awesome sand pit, ANOTHER circular thingie, and then a totally rad DH back to the start.

(start of aggro off camber section)

Lap 2...I'm winning 10th place, getting my I'm blown the fuck up on, make it to the 2nd circular thingie, begin shredding the gnar on the DH, then decide to jump the little bump at the bottom of said DH. Pop off the jump, land, then hear my tire almost roll off the rim. Note to self, no more rad getting in race situations... I continue my race, roll past the start finish for my 3rd lap, into the 1st circle and poof, flat ass fucking tire, on a really nice latex tube no less. Guess when i almost rolled the tire, the tube squeezed in there and pinched.

(end of aggro off camber section)

Seems like every time i do a cross race I screw up. I used to enjoy crashing real hard, but now i have flats to look forward to. Oh well, the course was rad and the atmosphere was was everywhere, DJ, fireworks in the course you had to ride through, and a tandem category.

(steep ass, loose hill)

A parting booty shot for all our fans.


dwight yoakam said...

booyah. hate to hear about the flat. looks like you'da had a race going on.

at least you didn't leave the Hawk with a concussion, like the last time i was there.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Nice calf muscle shot!