Not much to report. I started in row 3 or 4. The start was slow for those of us in the back. Rolled through the first straightaway and then hit the steep downhill and got in where I could fit in. Grabbed a bunch of easy spots on the first run-up and then reeled in 4 or 5 riders over the course of the next 3 laps or so. Realizing everybody else was out of reach, I called it a day. How fortuitous. I was 30 yards from the finish when I made that decision, so it goes. The sandpit was fun and according to Josh, quite bonkers at times with riders flailing here and there, to and fro. The only set of barriers was on a slight uphill after a sharp turn so that wasn't too sketchy. First cross race I've ever gotten to lap somebody. Weird. You end up feeling a bit like a jerk. Eric and I are doing Hendersonville this weekend so that means serious racing Saturday and then some sort of hangover-centric recovery race Sunday. Wish I had the foresight to order that skinsuit. Feels too much like Amateur Night At The Apollo in a standard kit. Don't let me forget to switch out the latex tubes before Saturday. Pretty sure I have a Spanky DNF in my future if I try and run that set up one more time. Things of interest: Dropped my I Pod outside Josh's car. Was still there after the race. I refused to hug Eric's mom (I was filthy). 68 degrees or warmer is the cut-off temp for water bottle hand ups. Riding by yourself in headwinds is dumb. Attacking on anything resembling an uphill is smart.

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