BlueSky Cup and Boulder Cx #3

This weekend I had the nerve to get my first dual days of racing. Saturday was the BlueSky Cup. It was, I must say, the most organized/pro style race of the year (so far). There was a high school marching band jamming during the races, a heavy metal band on the far side of the course, an announcers trailer/stage all in all pretty rad. Check it here. Of course like the idiot that I am, I left my camera at home. My buddy Aaron decided to come mix it up in the single speed class. Aaron is the man behind Mosaic Cycles (rad ass custom Ti and steel bikes). Be sure to check him out on Facebook to see what he has been up to lately. It was really nice to have someone there with me instead of being by my lonesome self as usual.

Sunday was the Boulder Cx Series race #3. The course had two huge run ups that were a killer, especially for the non-runner like yours truly. Check it here.

Amanda Miller-Subaru Hudz the woman who took both days (at least I'm pretty sure)

Jake Wells-Subaru Hudz the man that took both days (I'm positive)

As for my races... Both went equally mildly crappy. I finished about 30ish both days in a field of about 50. I've come to terms that I'm not going to be mixing it up at the front of the 3s like I did back east. It really is another level on the front range. It won't however keep my from racing or trying to do my best but I'm thinking of this season as gaining knowledge base. Not to mention the courses here are back/shoulder/kidney jarring bumpy.

On another note, I'm more than stoked to be heading into the most exciting part of the season. We have the NACT series rolling into town next weekend for the Colorado Cross Classic and the Boulder Cup. Then the USGP series coming to town mid November for the New Belgium Cup. I'm so excited not only because I'll finally get to see some of the best crosser in the country but my race will be held earlier in the day so I can finally have some beers and watch the pros!!!

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