So with my new job I have limited access to the internet (being I work for a credit union now) and everyday when I get off work I look forward to getting my daily dose of bike related internet surfing. In the past few weeks or maybe even the past month ive noticed a trend and i just wanted to share it and or get if off my chest.

Who gives a shit about Alberto Contador and his freaking contract? Who gives a a shit about next year's Tour route? Who gives a shit about next year's Giro route?

It's freaking cross season people! Now more than ever should there be homepages dominated by cross coverage. Not what random roadie is going to what random team and who is sponsoring who. Do these guys really not know how rad cross racing is? I mean seriously!

So now that's out of the way. In case you missed it last night, you serious need to check out Race across the Sky. Im not sure when it will be showing again but find out! Its totally worth it! Those kids are insane!

Look for the Hoffen kids in Augusta this weekend in the Georgia Cyclocross Series race #3. Should be a pretty good showing!

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