Unleash the Incredible Hoff . . .

um, just got my team kits in yesterday. feeling a bit unmotivated to ride lately after many hours on the bike in months past, these new kits were just the ticket to push my ass back on the saddle.

watch out world. one must be careful when and where he/she decides to unleash the fury of team hoff. went for a ride in the kit yesterday evening on the bench trail (a section of the Tahoe Rim Trail just down from the house). fuck. i was flying. seriously. i passed many a geared rider and was caught by none on the technical rocky trail.

i think these kits add 5+ mph average to your ride.

CONGRATS TO THE TEAM FOR A STELLAR OPENING WEEKEND BACK EAST. kb and patricia - nice work in charlotte on the booty loop. ken doll - great work in the mountains breaking everything.

oh yeah, and an update/recap on Death Ride will be up soon. just waiting for the pictures.

and anyone who wants some pain and destruction in the mountains should head on out for the Tahoe/Sierra 100 in Sept. i'll get up info on that as well.

- b

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