Alley cat & Polo Extravaganza!

Will and Ken lounging/recovered before the madness
post race chill out
there really isnt anything quite like alleycat racing @ 2pm in the dead of summer in good ole Columbia, SC... Many came but few finished, either captured by the cruel mistress of 100+ temperatures or tattooed by one of the southeast's most cycling friendly community drivers not many were seen again. 30+ kids and hipsters showed there faces for an awesome race. Sr. Ken Klatte was poised to be crowned champion but made two fatial manifest mistakes, leaving Willie G and yours truely to capture 2nd and 3rd place. But the fun wasnt over yet. There was polo to be played the next day. An obvious new comer to the polo scene columbias best faced off in a mad max thunder dome style tourney. Who one? who can tell, Ken and I peaced out after only about 20-30 minutes. All shall bow to the thriving hipster wildfire!

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