july 4 in the sierra

what better way to celebrate our 'independence' than . . . get out and ride a bike. the western states Team Hoff representative and a few buddies (including galen - pretty much an honorary Team Hoff member and ArtBar destroyer) headed out into the mountains on the east side of Lake Tahoe. climb up north canyon to marlette lake, head out onto the flume trail then back down for some fireworks and beer. all in all a successful day.

upon arrival to Marlette Lake we posed for the poparattzi. galen was almost lost a few times on the ride as we could not see him in full Hoss camo. the only reason we were able to find him was because of his loud and very incessant crying about how his grundle hurt.

Lake Tahoe bitches! just about as good as Lake Murray.

and seriously - what ride is complete without a rope swing into clear water? you best beelee'dat.

BOOYAH. when are you pussies gonna nut up and come out here?

beer drinking and fireworks followed.


Spankye said...

dude was your body in full spasm in that last pic?? sheesh.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

ya'll sure know how to live!