Race #1 down, well sort of...

So today I went out for GSMV #1 Lookout Cross down in Golden to pop my CO cross race cherry.
Crossin in the Front RangeOpen Woman's field.
Meredith Miller = fastRad ass little staging area. Didn't see much of this back east.

So my race went off at 3:45 (last race of the day). Pretty much anyone who wasn't racing had already left. The course was super rocky/bumpy, super loose, super dry and dusty. It was also pushing the upper 90s and the course was based at a soccer field settled in between a golf course so there wasn't any shade. As a precaution race directors decided hand ups were allowed and encouraged and they also used the bike cleaning station's pressure washer to spray racers as they crossed by. So little ole no crew me I had to attempt no water. BAD IDEA! It reminded me of trying to ride during the middle of the day back in Cola except mixed in the steaming hot air was tons of dust and dirt. So imagine gasping for air but getting super hot dust in your lungs instead. I mean I'm still hacking up tons of shit and my eyes look like I just smoked a huge j.

Now some know I have a bit of an issue with saddle sores and I'm currently nursing a pretty significant one so the roughness of the course fucking killed! I'm prob taking several days off to heal up. My legs felt pretty decent but my lungs, oh my poor lungs, were destroyed! So I decided to call it a day. DNF. Yes I do hate those three letters and yes most people there were able to deal, but not this east coaster. I thought the altitude was the only thing I'd have to get use to. Better add kidney jarring rocky bumpy dusty cross courses to the list.

I did however catch this little tid bit.... HA.
Rough day, I feel like shit, FUCK!