Westward Crossing

A quick photo dump or panorama dump of some sights from the drive across and in CO...
Downtown St.Louis (as viewed from the top of the Gateway Arch)
The Mississippi from the Arch
Red Rock Amphitheater
the view from William Frederick Cody aka Buffalo Bill's grave site.Estes Park (view from the top of the Estes Park Aerial Tramway)Coors Field Home of the Colorado Rockies ($12 tickets & $6 beers)
Rocky Mountain State ParkGarmin does a lot of good through R.M.S.P.

Trail Ridge Road

Your reward at the top.

I dropped off the old man at Denver airport this a.m. and immediately went for a much anticipated ride. Didn't want to do anything crazy with it being my first ride up here at altitude. Ended up doing a little over 30 miles and a little over 3000 ft climbing. Let me tell you the altitude kicks you in the ass. I felt pretty crappy the first hour (pretty good headache and nausea) but I think I began to adjust. I would have to say the riding out here is pretty spectacular. Pretty fucking RAD out here so far!


dwight yoakam said...

welcome to the west. it only gets better.

Spankye said...

$12 tickets and $6 beers! shit, that's the same price as the Asheville tourists. fucking hippies.