more CO action

So after slicing my finger open prepping the Misfit for its inaugural CO ride, I decided to take the weekend off from riding and let it heal up a bit before hitting the trails. I decided to explore the park across the street from me. Turns out there is a pretty good set of hiking trail built in to the park, so I explored.

After healing up a bit I decided to check out Heil Valley Ranch Trails.Check it out here: Heil Valley
Ended up doing: up Wapiti, left on Ponderosa to the Overlook, left on Wild Turkey down to Picture Rock, left down Picture Rock to the Lyons parking lot, turn around, back up Picture Rock, left Wild Turkey, left Ponderosa then a final left back down Wapiti.
A painful but awesome 3+ hours.
Check out this vid coming down Wapiti by Gregory Keller aka Mud & Cowbells
Also thanks to B.P.P.P for the 22t, it was much needed.

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dwight yoakam said...

stoked that you're living it up in boulder . . . i need to make a front range trip in the not so distant future. got a good friend in Fort Collins i haven't visited yet. maybe swing through GJ on the way. hoffs are spreading their wings these days . . .