Goodbye old friend

Recently in the offices of Hoffenchard West (East West) the discussion came up that if i were to sell my beloved DR650 it would open up quite the new bike treasure trove. After 5 minutes of furious debating the decision was made, pictures were taken, forum posts were posted, and 12 hours later the deal was done. In the end i had put over 8000 miles on it and still made $50 on the sale.

Approximately 2.3 hours after the cash was in my hand i was on the phone with Jack, a salesman at Lynskey, ordering my new Ti 29'er. Jack flagged my order with "industry guy" to expedite the process and put the frame in hands as quickly as possible ("industry guy" actually means last on the list of importance for EP's etc. Jack however was seriously on it...) One week later a box landed on our dock. 3 hours later it was done. Then 2 days of rain. Shit. Nothing is worse than watching it rain when your new bike is sitting in the garage.

Finally got out for a shakedown ride on Friday followed by a good day in Dupont on Sunday.

I know the masses are chomping at the bit for more pics so i will try and get a few more from tonight's ride.


McNasty said...


Mister Fahrenheit said...

Bar ends and a Thudbuster?

Holy 1998 Batman!

....that is a hot-looking bicycle.

Jason (Jake) said...

Ti frame and an inch of elastomer travel? You just made a YBB!

Very sweet. Bar ends rule. But so do thumbshifters.

Spankye said...

Yes Jakeman, a poor mans YBB.

Jason (Jake) said...

I love my YBB, but I'd never have payed full ticket for one. I bought it used and Moots customer service treats me like I stole it. I'd give it up for a lynskey cruiser in a heartbeat - that thing is sweet!