First come first served

Ok everyone, here is the deal. The Tree Shaker is the 10th of October and it sounds like plenty of Hoffens will be attending. Since I live close to the race site, I am opening my arms and house to any of you who want to come up (or over in the B's case) to have a crash site. The day before or after is fine.

Be aware that I have just completed a most kick ass tree house. It would sleep two with ease, four people like Kenny. Just sayin'. But really who wants to sleep with Kenny anyway, 'cept Spanky. Better get that shit booked early, its the prized spot.

Let me know what all your plans are so I can hide the valuables and put ear plugs on the the kids.


KB said...

count us in for both nights!

dwight yoakam said...

herb! you're a man among . . . among . . . uh, i'm not sure what to call this odd lot of folks. thank you in advance - and if its not booked, sign the B's up for the treehouse friday night!

can't wait.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

I'm staying there Friday night. Not sure when as I have a rehearsal or something Friday as well (gig on Sunday).