First Sleeveless Ride Of The Year

Guzizzah dillznoofus! This ole Hoff broke out the Vicious sleeveless for the first time this year. Flaunting of the farmer's tan was in order. Southside Park was the location. Gnar-shredding was on the agenda. Fast, dry with plenty of tree cover. I love this trail. Nothing amazing, just tons of trail and tons of options so you can ride for a few hours and not glance at your watch thinking "Will this ever fucking end???" Reminds me of Bent Creek except less fireroads, hippies and loudmouths named Kelly Baisley. It's also 5 minutes from the folks' crib. Overcooked a turn on Lizard and ate shit towards the end of the ride.

It serves me right. Found the new footbridge across Fairforest creek which links Southside with the Palmetto trail. Met some colorful rednecks splashing in the water. I wanted to join them, to insinuate myself into their rituals, to cross the threshold of taboo but they were mulleted and inebriated. After my ride, I helped cook up some pea pods, shrooms and cucumbers from the garden to help compliment the jurassic sized steak and potato that were on the menu. I came to the conclusion that old people don't give a fuck about eating healthy and that is a grand thing. I ate like a king and slept like a baby, minus the bedwetting.

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KB said...

I love mushrooms!! You think I'm loud, you should have been at the Thirsty Monk Wednesday night with the other Boston Bad Girl - I think Jim nearly shit his pants a couple times.