Enough of the Tour De Lance

Just kidding. The Tour is the chronic this year. The Humboldt county if you will. My only wish is to watch Lance and Contador in a UFC fight this fall, with Cavendish surprising them both by coming over the top and fucking them both up, NWA style for you old school wrastlin fans out there. Maybe even Tully Blanchard would show up for old times sake, but I digress...

I felt it was time to take a break from the doldrums of mid mountain stages to entertain you, the readers, with another unbiased restaurant review from the road. If you will remeber I have made several of these from various locals such as NYC and Fruita, CO.

Tonight I bring you Taqueria Del Sol from Decatur, GA ( and a few other ATL locations I hear).

I started with the salsa trio... fresh tomato, tomatillo, and roasted tomato salsas. Delicious. Just enough spice to keep it interesting. Oh yeah, the Margarita is called the Westside. It's made of delicious Herradura Reposada as well as Patron Citron. Color me drunky!

Here is my meal with said chips and salsa. I ordered roasted pork taco with slaw and jalapeƱo relish and a beef brisket taco with pico.

This was the order taker girl. She makes you margaritas while you wait for your order.

Quite an impressive Tequila menu.

Hipster sighting with aggro mustache, a fake 1984 olympics T, and a Nintendo belt buckle.

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The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

nice hipster sighting. thank god somebody posted. has b. gone awol?

wv: rerfalts

dwight yoakam said...

nah. just had a couple of weeks off the bike. rafted the colorado river for 4 days from moab almost to arizona, then dave and joel were out here for a week. trying to get back on the horse but i've been climbing a bit and that bug to trying to bite again.

fucking trashed my road wheelset on a ride 2 weeks ago. hit a drain grate that i didn't see and completely flattened the sidewall on my front rim and messed up the rear as well. not cool.

all this riding and racing is expensive and it takes commitment to stay quick on the bike.

dwight yoakam said...

oh, and the tour has been pretty rad this year. thats been getting me somewhat motivated.