Parr Road Ride: Fuck All This Wind And Shit!

It was windy people. Gale force. What does this have to do with Kelly spending 30 minutes changing her riding outfit? Not a God damned thing!!! 4 hours later and it was time for a feeding frenzy, shower and a much deserved nap. Much thanks to Brian Hackathorn for showing up and riding with robot-like efficiency. The dude never left his saddle! Even more thanks to Toby pulling Frampton duty and showing us the way. God bless you!

Kelly puts on her 10th layer of clothing:
Jim gets in on the public disrobing act! He's sassy!The cliched group photoKelly heeds the government's warning and halts her forward momentum by applying the brakes

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KB said...

is this the bash KB on the blog day? leave me alone, i have temperature/clothing issues!