Tis the season

The holidays approach and as were consumed with presents and holiday joy we often neglect our most important friend of all: our bicycles. Even this fare blog writer has fallen victim to the laziness that occurs during the holiday season. But after commuting to work yesterday for the first time in about two weeks, my love for riding is rekindled and i am looking forward to my vaca back to VA and the scenic riding which i have missed. I feel i have forgotten what its like to ride for hours without seeing a car and im super stoked to ride the routes of my homeland of good ole Lynchburg, VA once again. I do believe that i will even hit up the North Carolina Winter CycloCross Series on my way back home to SC to get in a race or two of the sport ive come to love.

On an unrelated note...
shout out to the boys and girls of Team Pegasus up north. These kids know what riding and racing is all about! THE FUN! and if you havent gotten yours yet, be sure to pick up you Ladies of Pegasus calendar. It for a good cause and there is nothing better than chicks and bikes!

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I love my "black pussy hole" button!