NCCX Finals

The finals of North Carolina Cyclo Cross series is this weekend in Salisbury, NC. This time the usual boys of hoffen cross will be joined by none other than the TameWolf (aka TeenWolf, aka Tony Z, aka ShwankBank, aka Man Hair Sweater Beast). Will we work together to try and wrap up top spots in the series or will we be at each others throats for bragging rights? Some have been training, some have not and after this past weekend of gluttony its anyones guess whos going to be this weekend king o cross. Spanky and KB are suposidly making the trip to support their bastard children racers and ring their cowbells with furious intent. Joshie may also be on hand to snap photos of the action.

In other news 09 kit design has been finalized and we will be placing our order by the end of Janurary so dont miss out. Be sure to get in touch with Ken about who wants what, he'll be making a list, so keep with the Hoffen spirit and make sure your naughty and not nice... HOHOHOLYCRAP

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