Treeshaker, man down

I'm going to preface this story and let you know that I never said "I told you so". Not once.

It was still pitch black when we left Asheville at 6:20am on Saturday, headed to Fort Mill, SC to heckle, I mean support, Team Hoffenchard in their many attempts at dominating the 12 hour mountain biking extravaganza. We were off to a sleepy start, but munchkins and hot chocolate helped to pump some energy (sugar) into us. I didn't really need the energy as my plan for the day included reading magazines and getting Kyle drinks. Almost immediately, Eric was frazzled and frantic rushing to get his bike ready because #2 on his team, Mark Deaver, had to leave the race and collect his forgotten mountain shoes back at Herb's house so Eric was to do lap 2. About 30 mins into his lap I decided to take a jaunt down the course in reverse to get some pics of Team Hoff. I got Gene, Kenny, Will, and Kyle and was waiting on Joshie and Eric. And waiting, and waiting, and waiting. When I heard footsteps from behind me and saw a relaxed looking Joshie (is he ever not relaxed?) walking towards me I realized I would not be kicking back catching up on back issues of Cooking Light (although I did still have to get Kyle's drinks). Eric wrecked and was taken to a local urgent care facility. Joshie saved the day when he found Eric on the trail disoriented and walking in circles. They walked off the trail and got a ride from a soccer mom to seek medical attention. Eric was hysterical because his bicep was now the size of Joshie's thigh and Joshie was relieved because he was no longer riding his bike and sweating profusely. I made it there just in time to see the injury before it was wrapped. In no time we were on our way to happiness, disguised in the shape of a little, white pill. Eric was medicated and good to go by the time we got back to base camp. Eric spent the rest of the day being loopey listening to stories of bizarre cycling escapades from Rich Dillon and I took pictures with a lomo that has a mind of it's own sometimes. These are the pics that turned out ok.


joshie said...

"In no time we were on our way to happiness, disguised in the shape of a little, white pill."

What do you mean, "we"? I thought eric was the only one in need of drugs!

dwight yoakam said...

i want kelly to be tested! she's using banned substances!