Mud, sweat & beers!

Cyclo-cross season is upon us.... This weekend marks the beginning of the North Carolina Cyclo-Cross series. Will, Tony and myself will be making the voyage to Raleigh, NC this weekend to enjoy in the pain and suffering (and drinking for those us of that still drink) that is involved in cross racing. We've worked on the skills now its finally time to see if its been worth it or not. The consensus is that we make take the saturday race kind of semiserious and depend on how it goes we may do the sunday races probably pretty hungover (again for those of us that drink). This should prove to be quite the interesting, fun filled, agonizing weekend of racing (again for those of us that drink). 25 have already pre registered for saturday and 28 for sunday, so if your in town bring your cowbell and a sixer and come join in on the festivities (that mean you dave and kim).McNasty out

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