Enough already...

I've never used the term "training". I don't think I ever will. Riding a bike is something I view as a simple thing. It's fun, it should make you happy. If you're feeling good, ride hard. If you feel like shit, don't, go have some beers. This ideal may have me being a perpetual mediocre bike racer and I'm cool with that. Of course I'm a competitive person and I want to do the best I can when it comes to racing and I also enjoy pushing myself and suffering like a dog but it's not an end all for me.  I can have the shittiest day, go for a ride and be reminded that the bicycle is an amazing thing. It can wash away all the anger, all the frustration, sadness, confusion, it truly is a pretty amazing thing, riding a bike.  

That being said, I haven't ridden my bike once this week. Ha. I know, WTF! The term "rest week" is a foreign concept to me. Honestly, I'm not a fan. It's tough for me to not ride but I feel tired, burnt out a bit if you will. I've pinned eight numbers to my jersey in 4 weeks. This past weekend I could tell my body was trying to tell me something. Give me a break dude! Alright, fine, big baby. 

I'm already itching to get back to riding again. This time off has hopefully done some good. If I can take just three days off the bike and be dying to get back on it, thats a good sign. I know both my mind and my body will be ready. 

I've got some exciting things to look forward to and jump start me back in. What better way to get the legs going again than a nice 65mile jaunt in southern NC, northern SC. On Saturday I'm pretty excited to be riding The Good Ride an event benefitting The 24 Hours of Booty. Both are amazing charities that raise money for cancer research. Something that hits close to home for me. 

Next week is National Bike to Work Week. Did you know that? Yea well it is, so ride a bike to work next week.

Then I will finally get back in the woods for the Pisgah 55.5K. It should be an interesting day to say the least. I had originally planned on pre-riding some of the sections I haven't done but unfortunately that never panned out. Yes, I know I lived in Asheville and haven't ridden some of the most notable trails. Shame on me. Why not pop the cherry during the 55, right?

Bikes are rad! Hashtag Hoff Life. DBM

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