Ring of Fire #1

I was coerced into a road racing endeavor the likes of which i had never experienced before this evening. The Ring of Fire is a local, bi-weekly, crit that is raced around the Mellowdrome here in Asheville. Racing on pavement scares me but i decided to do it anyway with teammate and crit master Joshie.

Here, Josh and I are intimidating our opponents, who in turn are trying to intimadate us. Of course nothing is more intimidating than a dirty cross bike (w/cross gearing) and 3 year old tattered gloves.

You can barely see me trying to hang on to the not so big man's wheel.

"Working" for my teammate. In my head I was going to ride the field off my wheel (except joshie) and then he would unleash his legendary sprint to claim a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card. In reality I just pulled the field around the track and then got dropped.

6 year old kid on the left with gearing lower than mine yet he finished ahead of me. He didn't make for very good drafting.

Hoffenchard member Jay raced the masters and the B race. He also tried to win that Buffalo Wild Wings card...

But gets nipped at the line. No wings for us tonight.

He still finished strong and with the look of what Buffalo Wild Wings feels like the next morning to boot.

My buddy Drew from I-9 and co-worker Eric W in the B and A race respectively.

Delicious tacos trackside from the Pink Taco food truck.

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