ORAMM 2011

A little over 3 weeks ago ole Kenny threw his back out and asked me if I wanted his ORAMM entry if he couldn't make it. I think i told him something like, "I don't know". We left it at that, then he throwed his back out AGAIN, and asked me if i wanted his entry. Against my better judgement I said yes. I had been riding steady all year, but not in the 3 weeks leading up to this. I had 2 weeks notice to get ready for 63 miles and 11000 feet of climbing.

Long story short, I finished my first ORAMM in 6:42 and change (95th overall, 500 entered). Couple of pics courtesy of Lightbox productions. Elevation and course map from Blue Ridge Adventures.

Heading up Kitsuma. We did this in the morning and on the way back in at the end of the day. Basically 2.5 miles of steep switchback climbing (with 4 miles of gradual climbing before this...) with an equal amount of shredding the gnar on the backside descent.
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Creek crossing at the bottom of heartbreak. We did this twice, on the way out (climbing), and on the way back (DH). Less than 15 miles left at this point, but with the Kitsuma climb in between you and the finish.

Special thanks to Mr. Klatte for his entry...i probably would have never entered this without his generosity and weak back. Also thanks to New Belgium Brewing, who had a beer tent at the finish, with free beer, which i beelined to the second i crossed the line.


McNasty said...

Looking fit my friend. crushing it. well done.

also, nice pics Lightbox.

dwight yoakam said...

good on you, old man.