Race Report: Mead Roubaix

Mead Roubaix = Epic hurt! I cant say I've ever experienced a race or even a ride quite like this. The course, the weather, the competition all made this race a true tough man's or woman's challenge. The course ended up being extremely sandy forcing a lot of riders off their bikes. Heading west there was about a 25+/- mph wind destroying any kind of rhythm you may have had and crushing the souls of riders left without a group. Races broke up before the half way mark of the first lap. If you missed the group you missed out.
As far as my race... I cant really say I'm happy or unhappy with it. I ended up 30th out of about a 75ish field where only 48 actually finished so I'm ok with that. I had my hopes set on a top 20 but dudes are strong out here. I think actually finishing this thing was a feat in its own right. So Mead Roubaix, check!

Peep the Garmin data

If you want to check out some more info/pics/video check it out here. 303cycling or over at CyclingDirt

Here is what I'm eying up next: either The Koppenberg or Superior Morgul Classic with some crits thrown in here or there.

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