Mud Sweat and Gears CX finale

Decided to stick a little closer to home this past weekend and head up to Unicoi, TN for the MSG season finale at the Farmhouse Gallery and Gardens.

I would imagine the course would be turbo awesome with a mix of really fast sections and a decent amount of elevation change. I say "imagine" because Saturday was 3o minutes of sleet, rain, deep mud and 35 degree temps.

However, there is something romantic about trudging through 4" of mud in the sleet on a cross bike with guys drinking from a keg on the top of the course. At least that's what i told myself as i tried not to eat shit.

After an over enthusiastic holeshot and 2 really bad attempts at cornering in the mud i settled into 5th place. Taking Kenny's advice (attack on anything resembling a hill) I "attacked" (hardly) on an uphill section, moved into 4th place, and then got attacked by some dude on a singlespeed the next lap. Tried to chase him down, and got close, but it was not to be.

I managed not to crash or flat, which the way this year has been is a win in my book, and rode by myself most of the race, finishing 5th.

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