update from the western front -

not much new out here unless you like snow, backcountry skiing and tequilla.  lots of that on all fronts really.  started up "crossfit" to get my ass in shape and i actually like it.  6am, 4 days a week.  go until you puke.  (its kinda cultish, but if you treat it like a gym and just a workout you can manage not to get sucked into a strange dinner party that might end up like a 'roid induced orgy.)  haven't been on the bike since . . . um . . . october, maybe november.  whenever it was that kenny got his ass kicked at the 12hr.  been climbing in the gym (i hear joshie and jess have too, which is rad), mostly trying to get strong for climbing in Thailand next month.

thats it from the west.  oh, speaking of kenny - i got this cd in the mail from him . . .

not quite sure how to take that?  do your cats enjoy this?  the B is a little freaked out by it.

we're supposed to get a few feet of snow by friday/saturday.  i'm out - b


The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

This post was about as interesting as the Liz Hatch Twitter feed.


brado1 said...

Is that Norm Macdonald as Burt Reynolds?