Vacation week

suppose i should catch everyone up on what was quite a relaxing week of vacation. i decided to turn the lights off at the office friday at noon and head to charlotte. met up with some friends saturday morning to ride sherman branch (motley crue above).

Herb soon asserted his parking lot dominance by rocketing out on the trail with wreckless abandon. scorch was the only one who could maintain the fierce pace and before you know it we were back at the parking lot.

here we are right before Kenny does some awesome ninja shit to herb in retribution for the race pace.

and here scorch watches said ninja shit. he is wise indeed to not interfere.

onward to fuel pizza before the presbyterian crit in downtown charlotte. sorry, i mean UPTOWN.

here are some bike racers at said crit.

and kelly as she barters for fake oakley's with a street vendor. kenny's junk looks on in amazement at her negotiating skillz.

sunday we headed to the FATS trail system with joshie and kenny for miles and miles of deliciousness.

here is kenny, blissfully unaware that soon his precious american classic wheels will suffer a most unsightly injury.

some wreckless eyeballin' going on

miss baiz had a smile on her face all day. to quote Kelly, "this is the most fun day i have had in my adult life!". really?? what about Oct. 11th crack head? remember our wedding?

the sweat factory that is joshie.

fast forward to beaufort, SC and some cooking with the baiz and her momma. i was knee deep in vodka tonics by now (a recurring theme for the next 3 days).

insert witty sentence here.

cruising down to the coffee shop. man i miss riding those bikes.

a delicious sandwich

lots of cool stuff hiding on the salt flats.

kenny made the drive up on friday after i got back to asheville for some road riding and vodka tonic drinkin'.

then on saturday joshie appeared and a group ride ensued.

the end.


dwight yoakam said...

radtastic! *i miss riding the cruiser bikes as well. long live the days of 610

Palmetto Solo said...

When is the next Gents ride scheduled?

Mister Fahrenheit said...

610 4EVA

...I recently moved an additional five minutes' walk further from my office. This requires converting the Schwinn into a commuting machine. Good bye, Selle San Marco Aero West.

KB said...


there will be a hoff event in oct/nov, hoffencross in feb, gents ride in may/june. you need to start representin'!!

dwight yoakam said...

pretty much gonna be a Gents assault in charlotte come october 10th. guaranteed to dish out as much pain as possible.

robot - i hope that saddle finds a proper place to display itself. and you should come down to charlotte for the october race and some hanging out buddy time.

Miss Jumper said...

There were not enough shots of Kelly eating pizza.