Mountain Sports Festival Asheville CX Race

Hoffenchard was out in full force this past Friday for the annual Mountain Sports Festival cross race put on by Asheville Cyclocross.  With 3 ladies and 6 men competing it was a good showing of what is to come this September.  This is the first time the Hoff ladies have come out and I think they are hooked. Lil'A and Shorty McAwesome were rocking their mtn bikes, and thanks to our friends at Challenge, we mounted up some Grifo XS open tubulars to KB's Surly Pacer.  We had KB, Lil'A, and Shorty McAwesome in the ladies C race, Sweagle, Joshie, and RDR in the B's, and Nemesis, Kylie, and Drooh in the A race.  

This was KB's third cross race ever, her last one being in 2010, and both Lil'A's and Jens first cross race ever (Jen's first race EVER).  They lined up, rode laps, and came out placing 1st, and 3rd, with KB taking her first win!

Lil'A getting pinned up.  Ladies lookin' good!

KB sitting second wheel sucking off Friend of Hoffenchard Megan, aka Shop Kitty, on the first lap

Sand pit action.  It should be noted that the ladies rode the sandpit without dabbing the entire race.

Shop Kitty and Lil'A in the smaller "sand box" on the back side of the course.

Local hooligan Tom V from AVLCX

Shorty McAwesome getting it done!  Rumor has it that she may have had a couple of libations nearby to calm the nerves before the race.

Winner winner chicken dinner!  Such panache...Kisses to the crowd and she remembered to zip up.  

Hoff ladies making us proud!

Joshie and RDR escaping the B race sandpit melee

Sweagle just made it in time after performing in a talent show just an hour earlier.  No lie.

Uhhh, Kylie

Nemesis in the sandpit.  Notice KB's head center left side.

High five!

There really wasn't a podium Friday night but Cameron and Kevin from AVLCX were polite enough to present a "fauxdium" for the ladies. KB 1st, Megan 2nd, and Lil'A 3rd

Gold I9 belt buckle for the winner!

6/12 Hours of Tsali 2013: Race Recap

This past weekend, some of the crew decided to trek up to Bryson City, despite a 60% chance of rain and an 85% chance of being miserable in their decision, and try their hand in the 6/12 Hours of Tsali Race. The Swedish Eagle and KB chose to represent in their respective 6 hour solo fields, Little A stepped up to the plate to take on the 12 hour solo, and the Epod joined on to a 4-person team in the 12 hour field as well.  Myself, Spank, and Sir Chadliac were in tow as well to drink our faces off work the pits.

The race started off well, but around 6 hours into the event, rain decided to move in.  Needless to say, things got pretty nasty out on the trails and after about 10 hours of racing, the organizers decided to pull the plug early.  Smart move in my opinion, I'm sure the trails were taking a beating as were the bikes ( oh and I guess the people riding the bikes too).  Now, while I would love to go into great detail about the mental trials each rider faced in their endeavor to do well, reach personal goals, and pedal through the rain apocalypse, but I had a LOT to drink the pits were very busy!  I think it's best I recollect the race via imagery.

RACE Results:
Swedish Eagle: 2nd Place, 6-hour Solo
KB: 5th Place, 6-Hour Solo

Little A: 2nd Place, 12-Hour Solo
Epod (On team "Coming in Hot"): 1st Place, 12 Hour 4-Person Team

Congrats and Great job to everyone!!!


Little A and KB.  This is the last time we would see them smile for the next 12 hours...

 Creeper Series...

Sweagle and Taylor (Coming in Hot team member) discuss last minute race strategies.

Pit crew ready for action. (I think this was actually "early" in the morning and we were waiting for the 10:05am drinking horn.) 

Master Chef Spanky mans the grill for a lunch break.

A completely destroyed Swedish Eagle after 6 hours of fury, but second place in the bag!!

Little A, hesitant to take my advise to go out on another lap. I told her if she did the lap now she would beat the rain...  BAHAHAHAHA.

Well at least she's still smiling.

Professional support.

Side Note: as we are always in the market for interesting team members, I would like to ask that Beth and Jim HOFFMIESTER submit your applications to us immediately!  Thanks for your cooperation.

Brendon (Coming in Hot Team Member) after his first rain lap.


Epod thought he would avoid the rain laps. Negative.

Aaron's (Coming in Hot team Member) rain lap and also the last lap to secure first!

Little A on the podium for second place!

Epod gives his best "Magnum" pose on the team podium for first!

Sleeper Series... Sorry, Spank, we had to. We love you.